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Children's resources

During lockdown, we created a selection of family resources. Thankfully, Covid is largely behind us, but you might still find these activities fun:

1.  Scavenger hunt - for outdoor fun, while learning about our natural world.

2.  Wee Sparrow colouring sheets – for curling up indoors on a cooler or lazy day.

3.  Rainbow prayer – to help us think of things to be thankful for and people who need help.

4.  LEGO Easter scenes – a creative retelling of the story of Easter using LEGO bricks.
What scenes could you re-create, maybe from a favourite story? Maybe you could try clay instead of LEGO.

5.  Fun adaptation of the famous book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” – created for Palm Sunday.
What story could you adapt? Perhaps you could do a lockdown version?

6. Create something from natural ingredients, like the special rainbow stone at the top of this page that was delivered to Audrey and Norman on Easter Sunday to say thank you for a craft bag! Or you could collect sea glass/pottery and make a picture on a tile (grout works better than glue and doesn’t dry in yellow).


7. Make some playdough with the Lighthouse recipe we often use at craft days – you will need the help of an adult for this.


8. Gluk recipe - this is a simple slime made from cornflour which may be easier to buy than flour for playdough at the moment (although is much messier!)

9. Hannah’s bird identification sheets – have fun using these 2 activity sheets to get to know the birds in your garden and the birds along our shore. See if you can spot them all and tick them off.

10. Hannah’s butterfly identification sheet – butterflies are starting to emerge on these lovely sunny days we have been enjoying. Can you spot these ones during your exercise time

11. A wee chance to learn/practice some French with Kirstie's rainbow of fruits.

12. Free printable cards from Baker Ross: a) NHS thanks  bGet well soon/Thank you

13. Free e-book – click on the link to read a book full of little stories and excerpts from bigger ones, compiled by the National Literacy Trust on the theme of Hope:

14. Hannah's flower identification sheet – how many can you find in our local area during your daily walks?

Printable posters to colour in on the theme of World Ocean Day (8th June).

16. A pirate scavenger hunt to be imaginative with!

17. James’s star constellations ID -see if you can spot any of these in our night sky!


18. Hannah’s coastal quiz. Why not try some rock pooling and see if you can identify any of the sea creatures on the quiz?

Adults' resources

- For more peaceful reflections, check out our Inspirations page.

- A sheet for colouring and relaxing – alone or with the kids – to highlight the hope that sunflowers bring.

- At Lighthouse we think of God as a loving father. Click on the link to read/print or to watch a short DVD that explores this:

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